Appearing to Study Particle Physics

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Was Einstein's Theory of Relativity proven wrong?  Yuck!  That's anathema!  What's the matter with you?  That's like asking whether or not Isaac Newton's Classical Model of the atom was wrong!  Do you wanna get struck by lightning or something?  Every theory of physics is technically wrong to every other theory of physics, but each one of them is correct in its own right:  If you think of the everyday evidence of the senses, Newton's description of matter as only being matter is exactly correct, and if you think of matter as nothing but waves of energy with potentialities that sometimes act like matter, then Einstein's description of matter and the Universe is exactly correct. The most respectful way to appreciate Einstein's physics is to remember that he developed a theory that eventually proved that matter and existence is nothing but a Roulette Wheel that sometimes phases in and out of sight, and then to say that "God does not play dice with the Universe!"

What about Werner Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, as reported in his book, Physics and Philosophy?  Yeah, so? What about it?

What is the Invisible Hand?  It is a metaphor created by Adam Smith which describes the self-regulating behavior of the marketplace, claiming that individuals' efforts to maximize their own gains in a free market results in a benefit to society, even if the ambitious persons have no benevolent intentions.  In his book, The Wealth of Nations, he said, "It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own self-interest. We address ourselves, not to their humanity but to their self-love, and never talk to them of our own necessities but of their advantages."

What is Say’s Law?  It basically states that the market for a product exists based on the existence of a product to fill it, that Supply creates Demand. George Say decreed that the manufacture of a product generates the salary of the workers who make it, and then they spend that salary on other products, as well as expending the cost of production on the makers of components that make the product possible and therefore the manufacture of products creates the market that supports it and benefits from its existence.

What is at the core of Keynesian Economics?  The most popular notion of Keynesian Economics is that Keynes refuted Say’s Law by saying that Demand creates Supply, and also installed notions of Governmental intervention to correct market abnormalities. But the change in business practices and investment choices that result from this different perspective can only be appreciated by gaining a full understanding of its meaning.  Read more about it the final chapters of "Dissing Economics," in the book.

According to Wikipedia last year, the telecommunications industry was the only market that engaged in Revenue assurance as a necessary component of its business model.  The article has been updated since then to declare that Revenue Assurance is a larger umbrella term, but it still makes no effort to conceal the perspective that the telecommunications industry is the only serious practitioner of the activity. Is it because the practice is performed so differently in telecommunications? Um,no.  The article appears to have been written primarily by somebody in the telecommunications industry who simply posted a business case from his job. Subsequent editors probably revised the text, but not enough.

Why would anyone want to refer to the Blogosphere as a surrogate for the Fourth Estate?  Good question.  Maybe it's because the actual Fourth Estate is as corrupted as the first three Estates.  Actually, I think that the media market is in such a tizzy with spheres of influence changing, both the providers of content and the audiences and consumers are constantly having to rethink their perspectives--the only constant in this changing realm is the blogging trend, and the tone of the bloggers involved.

How can you compare Habermas' theory of the Public Sphere to Makhail Bakhtin's definition of Carnivalesque?  One of the central features of Carnival is free and familiar interaction between people, particularly without regard to social status or class.  The other vital elements of Carnival include unlikely alliances, eccentric behavior, and profaning sacrilege. In order to form a successful public sphere, the governing authority must be willing and able to interact with masters of various trades, clerical administrators, members of the working class, homeless, and the disabled.  While the governing officials communicate among each other in a highly trained legal vocabulary, they must be competent in the earthy dialects of the poor, and the practical dialects of craftsmen in the working class, and the untrained banter of the uneducated, as well as the often-profane lectures of those who are struggling through unjust circumstances. 

Why did you avoid mentioning the Internet when you defined the locations of the Public Sphere?  It is apparent from some websites that we tend to decorate our online world in ways similar to the way we decorate our physical world, so many of the common areas in which we engage in public debate have a unique look based on the personalities of the people who tend to visit those areas.  In personal blogs as well websites like Twitter, we customize our own pages and walls with wallpapers which are unique and representative.  So, the locations of public debate on the internet often mimic or mirror the physical locations where interactions occur as people would choose for their preferences.  Some examples include Pool Halls, Sports Bars, Coffeehouses, Stadium Bleachers, sunny Tea Rooms, kitchen counters, Arcades, and public bathrooms at gas stations.  Just kidding!  Nobody talks about politics while pooping and peeing!


Speaking of blogs, what happened to Wraxtiorre's Assessment?  I deleted it so that you would have to buy my book if you want to read my writings.

Why isn't the Production Report Story included in the First Edition?  The text was based on too many pop culture references involving copyrighted materials and real persons which would require permissions, disclaimers, waivers and other costly legal agreements which cannot be justified at this time.  It saddens me to exclude such an inventive tale from this collection, but an abridged text would be nearly incomprehensible.

What's up with the Yogurt thing?  It seems futile to eat yogurt while taking antibiotics because the antibiotics would kill the yogurt bacteria, but since the yogurt bacteria does not survive in the human intestines, eating it is a bactericidal act anyway.  Cows, on the other hand, only have to eat yogurt once for the bacteria to become a permanent component of their digestive processes. I learned that while studying up on Mad Cow Disease and Mock Turtle Soup.

What is the big deal about the Meaning of Life question?  Declaring the proper perspective of a question for its answer was always one of the biggest conflicts between Dr. Wraxtiorre and his author. The Nope-Master's Greatest Hits was originally conceived as eight different answers to the question, chosen from different perspectives, to satisfy the yearning reflected in each, along with a reminder that the other perspectives must sit alongside it.  In the book, the eight answers are expanded from their original postings, and the set of eight is expanded to eleven.

What happened to "Poems Best Left Unwritten"?  The pages are supposed to be blank.  It's like a thought-experiment practiced for real.  When you are reading a book or a writing that has been censored, then you are not experiencing what censorship is really like; you are experiencing the rebellion against censorship.  This "Poems Best Left Unwritten" is the experiencing of censorship--the actual absence of the information.  I went ahead and published it because I've never seen such a statement about censorship actually done, but only imagined as the consequence of censorship.  Another way to look at it is this:  If you think about the expression, "a course of action best left untaken," the person who suggests the option which would provoke such a recommendation will come to understand that it is acceptable to think such things, but not to do them.  Unfortunately, nobody else will have learned the wisdom of not following that course of action.  "Poems Best Left Unwritten" allows my readers to earn that bit of wisdom without having to risk such impure thoughts.

What about "Regressive Traits in Anal Hominids"?  The text is reversed.  For some readers, it will be baffling and impossible to read, but for others it will be simply a challenge.  However, the events narrated in it are not critical to the story, so don't feel cheated if you don't get to actually read it.

Is there really such a thing as an Ego-centric Optimist?  Yes.  It is an emotional form of Solipsism.  Just ask the Stoic Cat and Cartoon Dog.

Where is my not-even-semi-smartphone?  I have no idea.  Have you tried calling it?