Appearing to Study Particle Physics

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The paperback edition of Appearing to Study Particle Physics has been approved for Global Distribution thru all the retail outlets online! The hardback has been retired until a 2nd Edition can be planned.  But the Kindle edition is still available at, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, and in Spain!  I have also placed several copies at a local bookstore! Go to the About page for more details.  To help spread word-of-mouth news, prices at are reduced!  The paperback edition is only USD $19.99! The e-book edition (for both Kindle and NOOK) is also available for only USD $3.99!  The NOOK edition is also available at also offers the e-book Edition for Android devices, IOS, and Blackberry readers.  

This edition includes all the major article-series!

De-Constructing Quarks (with expanded chapters)

Dissing Economics (expanded and with four new chapters)

Misguided Notions of Internet Journalism (with expanded chapters)

Against Conspiracy Theorists

Inappropriate Pictures on Hospital Walls (revised)

Misguided Notions of Journalistic Intent (with three new chapters)

The Behemoth Saga (with expanded chapters)

The Famous Desk Test Narratives (compiled and arranged)

Also includes these stand-alone articles!

Hermagoras Forgotten

The Pumpkinification of Brash (never before published)

Unpublishable Content (expanded)

Morsel Transcendentalism and the Challah Metaphor (rewritten and expanded)

De-Moralizing the Ego-Centric Optimist

On the Winners of Wars

Regressive Traits in Anal Hominids (never before published) 

And much, much more!  It has now become available at Amazon, but look for it at my storefront at along with other titles including drafts of future and previous projects.